Von Schweikert Unifield 1 MKII


The UniField line of speakers was designed to produce powerful yet clean bass, incredible clarity, and perfect imaging that far exceeds what you would expect from speakers of their small size.

To achieve superior bass response, the UniField One uses the transmission line principle tuned to 40Hz (the lowest note on upright bass or bass guitar). The concentric tweeter (mounted inside the bass driver) provides Time Alignment and Phase Consistency over a wide area, projecting a thrilling three-dimensional sound stage, while the crossover allows for a seamless transition between the woofer and tweeter, similar to the sound of an electrostatic design.

This exceptional coherency was achieved with the use of a special cone developed by the BBC for use in monitoring speakers. This material, called TPX, has amazing fidelity to the human voice, making it a favorite of the BBC engineers. VSA’s engineering team succeeded in converting our proprietary Triple-Wall Noise Cancelling technology to operate in these smaller cabinets. Three different materials with opposing Q factors are used to build the cabinet walls, resulting in clarity that must be heard to be appreciated. The 65mm (2.75″) thick walls consist of 20mm resin impregnated fiberboard, 20mm artificial stone, 20mm rubberized felt, and 5mm vibration-proof adhesive layers. This cabinet wall design is superior to aluminum, plywood, or MDF, based on measurements of panel ringing.

The Unifield One, along with the entire UniField line, provides the perfect listening environment for audiophiles who are limited on space but have no limit to their appreciation of world-class sound.

 Of course, the real proof is in the listening.





REC. POWER: 20-150watts

SIZE: 14″ H x 9″ W x 13″ D

WEIGHT: 27lbs/per channel

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