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The LCR-4 Loudspeaker is a highly accurate and dynamic reference monitor system that is ideal in both 2-channel and multi-channel systems. The LCR nomenclature refers to its ability to be used in a Left, Center and Right Channel array. In fact, many customers have chosen to use the LCR-4 for every channel in a multi-channel system; and with 32 Hz bass response, most customers in medium to small listening rooms find they donÕt need a dedicated subwoofer system.Designed for use as a center channel speaker with the VR-22, VR-3, VR-33, VR-35, VR-4, VR-44 and VR-5 Series of speaker models, the LCR-4 is a giant step forward in the area of vocal intelligibility at a reasonable price point. This monitor uses very high quality drivers designed by Scanspeak of Denmark.

Since the twin 7in (178mm) bass-mids have to reproduce both the bass and midrange frequencies, it is a challenge to design a driver that will reproduce the human voice with extreme clarity, while also being asked to reproduce deep bass frequencies at a high volume level. In order to obtain the maximum vocal intelligibility, the LCR-4 uses specially designed drivers that were optimized for this function, and consist of high-tech laminated cones driven by patented Low Distortion Motors. The Scanspeak designed 1″ tweeter has a long throw, chambered rear cavity to reduce resonance, a specially treated fabric dome, and the Low Distortion Motor. This tweeter combines both high details with extremely smooth sound, especially in the important vocal range.

To ensure extreme clarity in the vocal range, we have eliminated cavity resonance by using a sealed box design, and to eliminate the cabinet wall distortion, we have utilized our Triple-Wall Noise Canceling Technology. By bonding three different materials together, included resin-impregnated MDF, artificial stone, and rubberized felt in a 2.75″ thick composite, the opposing Qs of these materials cancel the natural tendency of the walls to vibrate.In order to synchronize the bass-mids with the tweeter, we have employed our Global Axis Integration Network, a 4th order crossover slope which is phase consistent and has almost zero distortion. Since we are not pushing the drivers outside of their intended operating range, the clarity of the LCR-4 is at the state-of-the-art level, which is extremely important for vocal intelligibility in a center channel application and has no problem keeping up with our large floor-standing left and right main speakers. Available in high-gloss black, the LCR-4 Loudspeaker is the perfect choice for someone looking for a full-range reference monitor solution regardless if they want one or seven channels of sound. When paired with Von Schweikert Audio's floor-standing speakers, the LCR-4 is the best value center channel available, blends seamlessly and brings vocal intelligibility to the forefront effortlessly..

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