Von Schweikert VR-9SE Mk2


For Our flagship VR-11SE Mk2 is a large speaker by anyone's standards, being over seven feet tall and weighing about 900 pounds per side. Using four 1,000-watt subwoofer amplifiers and 24 drivers per system, it is easy to see why many audio critics have called the VR-11SE Mk2 the best speaker in the world, with a bandwidth of 10 Hz to 100 kHz, incredibly low distortion, and 99dB sensitivity. Many of our customers wanted this type of sound in their studios and living rooms, but needed a smaller version that would accommodate space limitations for both acoustics and aesthetics. Our response was to develop the VR-9SE Mk2. The VR-9SE Mk2 has the same bandwidth and transparency of the larger sibling, but in a smaller and very attractive package. How is this done? The solution was simple. The VR-9SE Mk2 represents exactly one half of the VR-11SE Mk2. All of the components and voicing is identical to that of the larger flagship, just cut in half. While this smaller version does not carry 99dB of sensitivity, it still holds its own as a 96dB loudspeaker, which by most standards produces a very dynamic presentation in just about any audio system. A two-piece stacked and time-aligned design, each VR-9SE Mk2 consists of a 1,000-watt powered 15″ sealed subwoofer, twin 9″ magnesium-coned mid-bass drivers, a 7″ composite midrange, a 1.5″ dual concentric ring Revelator tweeter, and 5″ aluminum ribbon super tweeter. When combined with Low Distortion Motor assemblies and the highest quality crossover circuitry available, this transducer array produces the finest and most lifelike musical presentation available. Indeed, the VR-9SE Mk2 represents true sonic nirvana for those who desire the very best. If these qualities are your personal “Holy Grail” and music is an important part of your life, the VR-9 Special Edition Mk2 is for you!

Fine Tuning Adjustments

The VR-9 & the VR-11 are both adjustable from bass to treble to match any room condition, electronics, or listening taste. The controls include: Subwoofer level, subwoofer frequency, front tweeter level, super tweeter level and a rear ambience level control. The controls for the front tweeters and super tweeters are 20 position auto formers that do not degrade the signal.

The VR-9SE Mk2 utilizes our proprietary Acoustic Inverse Replication (A.I.R.) technology, developed by Albert Von Schweikert while at California Institute of Technology. A.I.R. employs our famous Global Axis Integration Network to enable our VR-9SE Mk2 to replicate the inverse of recording microphone signal, thus decoding the dimensionality of the actual recorded event. In combination with our rear-firing Ambience Retrieval System, the VR-9SE Mk2 will provide thrilling realism, so close to a live performance, that you will continue to ask yourself: “Is it Life or is it VR-9?”


FREQ RESP: 10Hz – 100KHz



REC. POWER: 50 – 1,000 watts

SIZE: 50″ H x 18″ W (rear) x 30″ D

WEIGHT: 600 lbs each


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