Von Schweikert VR-100XS


Von Schweikert Audio presents the ground breaking VR-100XS speaker system. All aspects of its design were approached with the goal of generating a holographic listening experience comparable to a live musical event. Six new technologies are currently being patented for this revolutionary new system. The speaker drivers are implemented as a vertical concentric line source array as in the legendary VR11-SE MkII.  In each VR-100 tower, the four -7″ woofers and two – 5″ midrange drivers are custom designed, ultra high speed, non-resonant magnesium/ceramic composite coned units.  Using linear high intensity neodymium magnets, we have achieved the lowest possible distortion.  The new square ribbon tweeter, placed centrally in the array, has both ultra wide frequency response and wide dispersion.

The response and dispersion of all the drivers have been carefully engineered to merge into a single, coherent, virtual point source necessary to generate the holographic virtual reality effect.  These new drive units have seven times less distortion than any other driver according to tests.  VSA research has found that any spurious vibrations in the system compromise that sense of realism.  As a result, the new one-piece cabinet is constructed using a new version of the VSA Triple Wall Damping Technology with complex internal bracing.  This has resulted in an acoustically inert tower, each weighing 468 pounds.  Yet even with the complex internal construction, the VR100XS is remarkably slender and graceful, designed to complement any home as a work of art.  Removable grills are provided.

The external sub-woofers, the “XS” of the system, are also an all-new VSA engineering solution.  They are designed to be placed at the rear of the listening area.  Using a new patent pending technology to eliminate room response anomalies, the XS subs provide pressure equalization resulting in accurate bass response anywhere in the room, an industry first.  Even the rear-facing implementation of the VSA “GAIN” (GLOBAL AXIS INTEGRATION SYSTEM) breaks new ground, using both a ribbon tweeter and an additional 1.5″ Mid-Range dome driver.  This new “HGAIN” technology couples with the front drivers, completing the you-are-there holographic experience.  You feel surrounded by sound.  Many custom internal components of the VR100XS were developed by industry leading suppliers and manufacturers in consultation with VSA with multiple rounds of prototyping and evaluation. No detail was too small to be tested and optimized for this new reference system. Master-Built Single Crystal copper wiring from Delphi Aerospace is used internally in a magnetically shielded configuration.  The VR100 XS is a no-compromise product that offers the passionate audiophile an unparalleled experience of live music brought to your listening room, an emotional event not soon forgotten! This is a four piece system consisting of two Main Towers and two XS subwoofers. Signal Sensing Cables to connect XS subwoofers to Main Tower are supplied, at any length required. Spikes are provided for rake angle adjustment.


FREQ RESP: 10Hz-100KHz



REC. POWER: 50-1000watts

SIZE: 6ft x 1ft x 30″

WEIGHT: 468lbs/per

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