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The Visiun and Visiun Signature have been called “the best in the world” by two leading video magazines: The Secrets of Home Theater and Audiophile Audition. These magazines not only found the Visiun to have the highest level of vocal intelligibility on the market, but were impressed with our universal design which enables the Visiun to be timbre matched to any main speaker on the market, regardless of type, size, or brand.

Timbre matching requires several adjustments to the frequency response in order for the center speaker to match the sonic timbre balance of the main speakers. We have designed the Visiun to be adjustable in the bass, midrange, and treble frequency bands, using simple controls that are intuitive to use. To adjust the tonal balance of our twin – 7″ (178mm) aluminum woofers, the bass transient response and Q Factor of the tuning alignment are adjustable. We accomplish this feat by means of addition or reduction of the Dacron stuffing inside the aperiodically tuned rear vents, which act as a pressure release system, not as bass reflex ports. The power handling and impact of the two 7″ aluminum woofers is amazing and surpass the bass clarity and punch of many main speaker systems! Since you can tune these woofers for various placement situations, such as on a stand or mounted inside an equipment cabinet, the universal design aspect is quite important.

Our 7″ custom-built midrange driver has the highest level of Force Factor and Acceleration Factor, based on the extremely light and rigid cone which is driven by a 100oz magnet and edge-wound ribbon voice coil. Indeed, the vocal intelligibility of this driver exceeds the clarity of most ribbon or electrostatic drivers due to the incredible dynamic range inherent in its design. The adjustment range is 100dB from fully On to Off which is accomplished with hand-built Japanese attenuators which do not affect the clarity in any way.

The treble range from 2k to 50kHz is reproduced by a new Neodymium-driven Wide Surround tweeter made for the Visiun in Denmark. The composite fabric/carbon impregnated dome has a rear chamber to reduce the back pressure and increase the transient response, enabling a very high dynamic range with low distortion. The treble timbre matching is also accomplished by the use of Japanese potentiometers, which do not add distortion to the signal.

Made with the finest parts available, and featuring the legendary design of Albert Von Schweikert, it is no wonder the Visiun and Visiun Signature are the most responsive and adaptable center channel speakers on the market! But don't just take our word for it, hearing is believing.

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