Vacuum Disk Mate IQ-1300A


Introductory price $1400.00

“Vacuum style stabiliser will adsorb warpage and strain of a record to the pure magnesium disc, which will improve unwanted resonance and low resolution, and play the best sound quality.”

●Magnesium Disc
 Outside diameter: Φ305mm Thickness: 7mm Weight: 660g
Material: Pure Magnesium, Synthetic rubber
●Suction Adaptor
Outside diameter: Φ313mm Inner perimeter: Φ52mm Weight: 980g
Material: Steel, Urethane rubber
●Suction Box
Size: (W) 68mm (D) 120mm (H) 62mm Weight: 380g
Material: Steel
Power: DC9V(006P Battery) * Batteries are not included.
●Suction Collar
Outside diameter: (upper)Φ25mm (lower)Φ50mm Weight: 150g
Material: Stainless, Steel, Synthetic rubber

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