Audio-Technica VM760SLC MM


Dual moving magnet phono cartridge with special line contact stylus

-dual moving magnet design for excellent stereo separation
-center shield plate between left and right channels reduces crosstalk
-durable low-resonance polymer cartridge housing
-1.5 x 0.28 mil special line contact diamond stylus traces record grooves extremely accurately
-tapered all-metal cantilever
-frequency response 20-30,000 Hz
-output voltage: 4.0 mV
-stereo separation: 30 dB
-channel balance: 1.0 dB
-tracking force range: 1.8-2.2 grams
-recommended tracking force: 2.0 grams
-load impedance: 47k ohms
-cartridge weight: 8 grams
-3/4″W x 3/4″H x 1-1/8″D

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