Master Built Audio Ultra Line Interconnect

The MasterBuilt Ultra Line Interconnect is the only type of its kind in the world, regardless of price. Based on a proprietary formula of non-metallic ingredients combined with an alloy of precious metals, Ultra was designed to simulate a “zero” resistance wire, as used in high profile organizations, both government and private. As Ultra Line wire is extremely expensive to manufacture using proprietary methods only available in the U.S. and as such, its price is by necessity very high and can therefore only be used in very select systems.

However, if you own an ultimate stereo system and music is a very important part of your lifestyle, Ultra interconnects are for you. Ultra Line Interconnects provide extremely wide bandwidth and a dynamic range which approaches true realism, with an amazing level of purity, clarity, and holographic depth. Each interconnect is handcrafted and is built to order. For the world’s finest systems, MasterBuilt Ultra Line Interconnects are the only choice.
Outer Jacket: Polyester braided sleeve
Shielding: Braided Aluminum Foil
Construction: Dual twisted, low EMF design
Conductor Insulation: Fluoropolymer
Conductor Material: U.S. laboratory grade precious metal alloys, proprietary forumlation
Conductors: 9 wires in triple balanced configuration
Gauge: 17 AWG per leg (Ground, Positive and Negative)
Terminations: High conductivity copper alloy with gold plating
Finishes: White (standard), Black (upon request)

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