Accuphase PS-530 Clean Power Supply


Every audio component draws all of its energy from the power supply which in turn is connected to the AC power grid. The Clean Power Supply components from Accuphase are products that remove noise and impurities from the AC power line through a groundbreaking new approach, resulting in a drastic improvement of the sound and picture quality of connected audio and video equipment. Without relying on an oscillator, the reference waveform is created with further improved accuracy and is linked to the power section by a balanced connection to ensure incredibly low distortion in the output waveform. The PS-530 can deliver as much as 510 VA, covering the requirements of most standard audio components.

AC voltage stabilizer based on waveform shaping technology
Acts as a source of extremely clean energy
Low-distortion reference waveform generator
Highly effective waveform compensation
Outstanding current capability
Superb interference rejection
Built-in meter for monitoring vital parameters including output power, input/output voltage, and input/output distortion
Advanced protection features
Large high-efficiency toroidal transformer

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