Diapason Karis Wave


Price includes stands

Acoustic systems Diapason Karis Wave – this is a real art object, in which the handwork of wood carver Antonio Comini is combined with the technical vision of the founder of Diapason, Alessandro Schiavi. Sculpture from nature itself on the water, sand and rocks inspired the creators of Karis Wave to turn aesthetic ideas about modern mini-monitors.

Diapason Karis’s faceted forms were ideally suited for creating waves imprinted in the tree of wind tracks on sand or sound waves from a musical instrument. The multifaceted body of Karis Wave is made from aged “canaletto” walnut blanks at the Diapason plant.


Sensitivity: 87 dB / W / m
Rated resistance: 8 Ohm
Minimum resistance: 7.2 Ohm (300 Hz)
LF-design: bass reflex
Weight without stand: 4.5 kg
Dimensions without stand: 190 x 260 x 285 mm
Weight of stand: 12.6 kg
Dimensions of the stand: 274 x 274 x 900 mm

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