Tannoy ST200 Super Tweeter


The ST200 Prestige SuperTweeter is the ideal partner for any of Tannoy’s Prestige loudspeakers from the current Gold Reference series back through the line’s near five decades of heritage and evolution. The ST200 seamlessly integrates with Prestige loudspeakers, extending their bandwidth to 54kHz and bringing with it a significant upgrade of the micro detailing, space and communication of recorded music.

By operating between the roll-off point of existing Prestige loudspeakers speakers and 54kHz, the SuperTweeter will accurately reproduce the leading edge of individual notes allowing the listener to experience the entire bandwidth information of instruments. The SuperTweeter provides an increased immediacy, airiness and impact – making music sound more natural and true to life.

The ST200 offers three crossover frequency points, 14kHz, 16kHz or 18kHz, designed to suit many generations of Prestige loudspeaker. Output level can also be adjusted using the Prestige gold plated pins, offering sensitivity of 89dB, 90.5dB, 92dB, 93.5dB and 95dB to match the smallest to largest Prestige models. The ST200 is provided with a calibrated location gauge to allow accurate front to back positioning for all Prestige loudspeaker designs past and present. Vertical axis adjustment ensures optimum combined acoustic output with the main speaker.

Gold plated terminals, adjustment screws and circuit board are used for high signal transparency. Radio Frequency quality inductors in crossover for excellent high frequency characteristics and non-inductive planar thick film resistors on ceramic substrates, avoid losses associated with wire wound types. High quality polycarbonate film capacitors have been selected for high frequency use.

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