Ensemble Luminoso


Undisturbed, uncoloured power transmission
Equipment can give its best, both in sound and picture quality
3 X AWG 14 ( 2.08 mm2 ) pure copper conductors in helical array
3 x single + 2 x overall shields for effective interference rejection
optimal balance between electrical parameters
minimal dielectric loss factor
resonance damping technology
excellent results with all types of equipment
lets music breathe Ð heightens picture quality
halogen-free, durable, hard-wearing, transparent sleeve

Based on cable design experience of more than a quarter century the LUMINOSO and ESPRESSIVO cables provide a sophisticated balance of material and electrical qualities Ð making them a first choice in a wide field of competing and much more expensive products.

They are no-nonsense, real world designs, based on first class materials, with terminations that perfectly match the overall quality and reflect the typical synergistic approach behind Ensemble designs.

The uniqueness of these cables and their Swiss precision made quality is shown by a warranty seal.

The LUMINOSO and ESPRESSIVO cables represent difficult-to-beat value for the superb sound quality they offer.

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