The Wand Plus 10.3″


The 10.3in Wand tonearm is designed to be the longest arm that can fit on a Linn LP12 or Technics SL1200 family. Yet has 2/3 or the distortion advantage of a 12in arm.

The Wand Classic Tonearm has was awarded 5 stars (out of 5) by HiFi Choice  (UK) this matches the 5 globes by HiFi World magazine. There are also a great reviews on TNT Audio and AudioEnz. The Wand Plus is a full featured version of the Classic and is only available through dealers.

Radical big diameter armtube with integrated cartridge mounting is massively stiffer than most tonearms allowing more music and less grunge from your system. The Wand tonearm, Musical magic!

Fits ‘standard’ (Rega type) 23mm hole at 222mm from the spindle. But mounting kits available for direct mounting on Technics, Lenco , SME etc.

14g medium mass arm can be used with most cartridges.

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