Artesania Improved Damper


Dampers are anti-magnetic and shock absorbing
masses that act against vibrations generated in
electronic components. These could be from
power sources (transformers) and could also be a
consequence of the ondulatory movement of
sound as it bounces back off the furniture and
cabinets housing electronic equipment. These
air-borne vibrations cause interference and
background noise that are detrimental to the
listening experience.
With digital reader sources, dampers act as
“armour” against radiofrequency signals and
other types of waves, and consequently reduce
vibrations. When dampers are installed in all
electronic components of a sound system, clearer
and more defined sounds are achieved across all
The anti-vibration action of the dampers is equally
effective with any other kind of unit from our
Dampers provide an extra control across the
whole passband. They should be considered as
the final touch in achieving clarity, tone and
coherence in sound reproduction on room

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