Aeron Audio AP 990C


Aeron AP 990C The nearly twenty-year story of Aeron in tube amplifiers that saw models popular in many countries, it's all concentrated in vacuum tube amplifier AP-990C newest and first in a new category of products designed and built with professionalism and experience. Carefully selected components and circuits with a high-quality sound are encased in this amplifier that allows the calibration of Bias due to an instrument of control and adjustment points easily accessible. The amplifier can use the KT88 power tubes, KT100, KT120, KT150. Balanced inputs, Phono input and remote control make the AP-990C a great attraction.

technical data: power: 55W x 2
frequency response: 20 Hz-50 kHz (5W)
THD: 0.1% (10W) S/N (LINE)
input Sensitivity: 86dB (LINE): 300mV
input impedance (LINE): 80 k ohm
XLR input impedance: 95k ohm
impedance/capacitance Phono MM input: 47k/68pF
Sensitivity Phono MM input: 3.5 mV S/N (Phono)
8 Ohms speaker Impedance: 4ohms: 78dB-
remote control
maximum consumption: 320W/230V/50-60 Hz
Valves : KT150x4 6SN7x2 430x350x180mm 12AX7x2
dimensions: (l x w x h) weight: 30 kg